Who to invite?

Make sure your pup is already familiar with and/or gets along with your guests, and ensure your potential four-legged guests have a good temperament and are good with other dogs. Ask their human companions to stay for the party instead of dropping their dogs off (they wouldn't want to miss the fun anyway!) Make sure any children invited are comfortable around dogs and that little kids know how to safely interact with dogs and are not left unattended. Check out our freebie invitation download here.

Choosing a location for your dog’s birthday party

When choosing a location, consider how many people and dogs you will be inviting and the kinds of activities you would like to do. The location should be dog-friendly and have enough space for all of your guests to move around comfortably. If the space is easy to clean up, that is an added bonus!

The time of year may determine the type of location you choose, whether it will be indoors or outside. Outdoor locations could include a dog park, the beach, renting out a private, off-leash space, or keep it close to home in the comfort of your own backyard. If you are planning a party during the cold winter months or blistering hot summer days, an indoor location might be ideal, such as an indoor dog play park, a community centre, or in your home.

Wherever you hold your event, make sure it is a dog-friendly space. People should feel comfortable, not cramped in the space and there should be plenty of room for their pets & children to play too.

Activities and Games ideas for your Dog's Party

Having a variety of things to do at your party can make it a lot more fun so be sure to plan some activities and games. Here are some fun suggestions you can try:

  • Nose games/ find the treat

  • Hide and seek

  • Best trick competition

  • Obstacle/agility course

  • Costume contest

  • Scooby/Simon says


Jazz up your party with some extra special decorations. LilyBean Gifts has tons of options for banners, balloons, cupcake and cake toppers and even custom party hats you can use to decorate your space to create an atmosphere of celebration!


Food for your Dog's Birthday Party

Make sure to plan some yummy treats for both your two legged and four legged friends. Here are some ideas:

Dog-friendly cake

A dog-friendly birthday cake is a must for any dog's birthday party. You can pick one up at your local dog bakery or try making one from scratch. You could even make a non-traditional “cake” by arranging dog-friendly foods or treats in the shape of a cake and topping it off with an adorable cupcake topper.

Hydration station

Make sure to have plenty of water dishes available for the pups and beverages for your guests.

Snacks for your human guests

Stay on-theme with your food and drink for your human guests to enjoy, Here are some ideas:

  • Pawtato chips

  • Kibbles and Bits

  • Pupcorn

  • Breadstick bones

  • Paw-Cuterie

  • Pups in a blanket

  • Hotdogs

  • Pupcakes

  • “Ruff-age” (veggies cups)

  • Pupperoni Sticks

  • Pawtato Salad

  • Pawsta Salad

  • Pupperoni Pizza

Whatever you plan for the day, your pup and guests are sure to be grateful that you put in the time and effort to create a special day for them.